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Business Owners

Business Owners Have Special Financial Planning Needs

Your Personal Finances and Business Finances are Interdependent

Your Personal Finances and Business Finances Must be Considered Together

You pour yourself into your business to make sure it is successful.  Nobody truly understands the demands placed on a business owner unless they are one themselves.  We understand, and we want to help you succeed in your personal finances, just as you have succeeded in your business.

Whether it's you or someone else, someone is the CFO of your business.  Do you have a CFO for your personal finances?

We believe that you are the Chief Executive Officer of your life, and we want to be your "Chief Financial Officer" to provide you sound financial advice to make CEO decisions in your best interest. As your life circumstances change, we will be a constant presence to ensure that your plan transitions along with you.

Things You Should Consider as a Business Owner

  • You invest your time and your money in your business, don't neglect investing for personal goals and retirement
  • Diversify a portion of your investments outside of your business
  • Build and maintain your "rainy day" fund to weather business downturns
  • Tax planning strategies that include your business and personal finances
  • Risk mitigation
  • Appropriate types and levels of insurance coverage
  • Appropriate business entity to limit your personal liability
  • Life and disability insurance strategies to protect your business
  • Executive compensation
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee retirement savings plans
  • Develop your plan to exit your business well in advance
  • Succession plan to family or key employees
  • Sale of your business
  • Keep your estate plan and will or trust up to date


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